Tonka gets along with Oreo

Little dog that looks like my sister’s dog. Tonka has barked at him, but we were in the yard, and she came in, she didn’t attack him. They were sniffing each other, and going in a circle sniffing each other. I doubt she would attack though, she just barks. He went on the table that I was sitting at, my neighbor Neil pet him, then he came over to me.

Never seen a boy dog like my sister’s dog. Well I’ve only seen her dog of that type of breed. They seem to be a friendly breed.

Looks like people are taking turns at taking Jack’s dog out. He can’t hold on to him. Will he get his strength back? I don’t really want to take his dog out, because his dog might bite somebody, he has bitten people in the past. I don’t want to be the one holding him if he bites somebody. Also if I have Tonka and his dog, and they both start freaking out, it won’t be easy to hold on to both of them.

And the owner of Oreo is smart, she didn’t want to risk her dog being in the yard with Jack’s dog. He is a unfixed pit bull. And he doesn’t usually get along with male dogs. He gets along with Tonka, because she is a female.