Tripp Lite USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 2 Bay Hot Swap SATA Hard Drive RAID Enclosure w Fan

I’ll see if Newegg has any cheaper 3 TB drives that aren’t made by Seagate, then I’ll search for the model on Amazon.

Looks like Toshiba makes a 3 TB drive for 90 bucks.

Looks like Toshiba isn’t a good hard drive brand, they will put a hold on your debit card for the price of the drive while they test it. Seagate will ship you a new drive, even if it fails because you drop it while it’s on.

Better look at Seagate reviews again. I have a 3 TB external Seagate, and it still works. $260 total if I buy Seagate.

Looks like you need a NAS drive for RAID. Has something that desktop drives don’t apparently have. Seagate NAS drives are slightly cheaper.

4 feet might not be long enough, but I think my hackintosh can sit on top of the enclosure, problem solved. To cheap to buy a longer cable and/or an extension cable. Shit that won’t work, it’ll be blocking my view of my monitor. Ok put router on top of it instead. How long is four feet? I’ll find out next month.