TV size distance

There’s a calculator here, which tells you how far to be away from your TV. 5.5 feet for my 39″ 1080p TV. Better measure the distance, might need to move TV closer, or couch farther away. Can’t move my couch, it’ll be in front of the fridge if I need to move it back.

But that’s only to see the best detail. Don’t get eye strain when watching TV, only when playing the PS4.

TV is about 9.5 feet way from my couch. So I need a 70″ TV according to that calculator. That’ll have to wait many months. And I don’t want a bigger TV. How far is my chair? Probably five feet. Should try playing Destiny in my chair and see if I my eyes feel funny.

Haha with 4k you need a 60″ TV for 5.5 feet. If you don’t care about seeing detail don’t bother with that calculator.

Playing video games in my chair means I don’t have to stand up and move to couch. Sweet, I can stay sitting when using TV and my computer.

The text is bigger if I sit in my chair. But your eyes would need to adjust to sitting that close. Easier to sit on my couch. And I can’t move the couch closer, there’s an exercise bike in the way.