When do the cheap AMD laptops come out?

There was an article on engadget.com about AMD laptops. Think in the 400-700 range or something like that. Intel Skylake comes out in September I think.

Probably shouldn’t buy any computer until September. Might have enough for a Mac by then. September isn’t very far away. Might have enough for a mac mini, but that’s worse then my Intel Nuc hackintosh. You can’t upgrade the mini.

HP Pavilion Laptop Computer With 15.6″ Screen & 6th Gen AMD Quad-Core A10 Processor, 15-ab053nr maybe I’ll buy that next month. Found it on AMD’s site.

Why do all the 6th gen AMD laptops have a shitty resolution? Even the 600 dollar one you can’t buy yet has a shitty resolution. I’ll wait until September or longer.

Looks like that HP on Office Depot is only $449 until the 25th. You can buy a similar one directly from HP for 499. But it has 2 GB less of RAM. And you can’t customize it with a SSD. You would have to put a SSD in it yourself.

I should just get the Transformer Book for 180 at Best Buy. Don’t need good video on a laptop. My desktop is fine for games. I could use that Transformer Book to look stuff up or something while sitting on the couch.