Where did the blue dot on my E-PM2 go?

Took the B+W 46mm Clear UV Haze with Multi-Resistant Coating off and turned camera on. Didn’t see blue dot, put filter back on, and the dot still isn’t there.

Did the pixel mapping thing in utilities in the menu. Usually if you have the lens cap on, you can see the blue dot, got a black screen this time. No blue dot. Now I need to retake the pictures I took. Tonka isn’t on my bed though.

I use an adapter on my 17mm lens to use the B+W 46mm filter. To cheap to buy another filter. I bought it for my Sigma 30mm, must use 46mm filters.

Tiffen filters don’t appear to change the picture quality, if I knew the filter size for my 17mm I could buy one. But why bother? You can only use one lens at a time.