Windows 10 setup.exe doesn’t work

Can’t find the boot.wim file, I can’t find it either.


Putting it on a thumb drive won’t work, you need the boot.wim file. I guess windows creates it somehow.

Should of backed the folder up again.

setupprep.exe if you open that, it’ll delete everything. C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources

How do I re download it? Or download a data recovery program and undelete everything. Then change the date to the 29th, and open that exe again.

I’m lazy, so I’ll just hope it downloads again.

There’s another failed install of the Windows 10 upgrade. Does Windows store the files somewhere else?

According to somebody’s computer is already upgraded to ten in the USA. Probably not true. They only have one post. And they joined in July, most likely today. So they probably looked up why it isn’t working and found that forum. They are a troll.

I’ll be in bed most likely when the notification pops up.

And you can’t recover files from a SSD apparently. I might be able to get some of the files back that I copied to my backup drive, it isn’t a SSD. Not all the files could be copied though. Think I’ll just wait.

Instructions for re downloading can be found here.

Might install, Windows Update says it is downloading Windows 10. Last time it downloaded in the background and Windows Update didn’t say anything. I have a slow connection, so it’ll be a while. And Microsoft might be getting hammered.