Windows is downloading updates

Looked in Windows update, said I could install updates. Didn’t tell me what it’s downloading. Somewhat of a slow download, but it’s a day early to be downloading Windows 10. And also the insiders get the release version first. I’m not running a Windows 10 preview version. Maybe they know I have an insider account. I think the get Windows 10 thing asked for my email.

So Microsoft doesn’t check if you actually tested Windows 10? So make a insider account, it’s free, then reserve the Windows 10 update.

Making a backup, in case it’s the Windows 10 update.

I only tested the preview build once, in VMware Player. Then I deleted the virtual machine. What am I supposed to do with a virtual machine of Windows? Look at porn?

Must of been downloading all the optional updates. There’s only two important ones and one isn’t checked. None of the optional updates are checked.

Nope didn’t download Windows 10 yet. Probably will take longer.

Tried installing the updates in Windows Update, but said it is installing other updates. There’s no icon in the system tray. Maybe the NSA is installing spyware to my computer.