You can get an iPad Air 2 for $374.99 at Best Buy

If you create an account on Best Buy’s site, you can order today. Otherwise you have to wait until tomorrow. Don’t have that much money. Don’t really need a tablet anyways. Though you could probably sell it on eBay for a small profit.

Maybe they have something cheaper I want and/or need.

Might not be the right link. I don’t click ad links, like the ones on Looks like I already have a Best Buy account. Don’t know the password though. And you might need a My Best Buy account. Not just an account for their website.

That was easy, enter your phone number and click join, after you login to your account. Then go to the homepage and click the black Friday ad image.

They have a 46″ Samsung HDTV for $399, to bad I don’t have that much in the bank. I will on the 1st, sale will be long gone by then.

Crap forgot I would need a new TV stand if I got a new TV. Don’t really need a new TV anyways.

And I think I’d rather get the Westinghouse 48″ for $299. Cheaper and not made by Samsung. That’s a deal of the day, and the local Best Buy doesn’t have it.

I could probably get the Wesinghouse, send my mom 200 bucks, and give her the rest on the 1st. But I want to see it before buying it. Local Best Buy doesn’t have it, so that won’t be happening. If the Samsung was a plasma, I’d buy it. Don’t care if Samsung makes it if it’s a plasma, I don’t think anyone makes plasma TVs anymore.

That’s about how much I paid for my 39″ JVC. One of the reviews on the Westinghouse says you get what you pay for. Boohoo, I want more then I paid for.

The 46″ Samsung should have a good picture, but you’ll be paying for the brand name, and your TV will say Samsung on it. Hmm probably wouldn’t see the Samsung text with my sound bar in front of it. Not sure I will have 399 + tax + 100 bucks or so + tax. I’ll have enough for the TV, but not sure about the stand.