You can pay monthly for almost everything T-Mobile sells

Mom found out, the phone case she bought my sister, is on her monthly bill. I think the wireless charger she got is too. So now she has to call them or go to their site, and pay the phone case and charger off. The guy that signed her up should of asked if she wanted to buy anything.

Lesson learned, don’t go to the T-Mobile store by Jimmy Johns.

She also had to call them to get rid of the data plan for the tablet that was supposed to be free. Apparently franchise T-Mobile stores can’t get rid of the data plan, but they could of called them for her.

She might pay her Samsung Galaxy Note 4 off too. After she gets the rebate.

Oh yeah, there’s a restocking fee if you take stuff back.

You might not be able to pay monthly for SIM cards. 15 bucks a piece, should be five bucks or less.