Yup Windows downloaded Windows 10

It failed at installing Windows 10 Pro. How do I try installing it again?

Code 80240020 is the error code.

Comment on that error, says to be patient. But I want my Windows 10 Pro upgrade at 5 pm. Before the 29th.

Maybe Microsoft knows my computer is slow and will take until 12 am to prepare the update. I think it finished downloading around 3 pm.

The thing that goes on the shutdown icon when there’s updates was on it, should of clicked it, might of installed instead of failing. Now I get to wait.

Maybe if I restart it’ll install. Changing the date to the 29th didn’t make it install. Boohoo.

And the thing went over shutdown icon again, clicked it. Was installing updates. It turned off, turned on, still no Windows 10. It looks like a bunch of updates failed.

Does it need internet access to upgrade? Cause the firewall might be blocking it. And it just installed more updates. Got to reboot again.