Sling TV is a liar

Says Ancient Aliens is on, but some show about cults is on. I think I saw that female a long time ago, mom might of been watching something about them.

Kind of remember the part about Jonestown too. Must of watched it a long time ago.

That’s what happens when you have unprotected sex

You make babies. Unless it’s man on man sex, or woman on woman sex. I don’t know what happens on man on alien. If I ever see an alien, I’ll ask them if they have a vagina. If they say yes, then I’ll ask them if they want to make half human and half alien kids. Since they aren’t from this planet, I don’t have to pay child support.

Might get famous too, the first written down man of having sex with an alien. Homosapians might of had sex with aliens, but they didn’t write it down.

Speaking of aliens, the TV is calling me. Ancient Aliens should be on. Maybe they will talk about an ancient dirty drawing.

Annoying people

My younger sister’s bf is annoying as hell. I returned the favor, I was in the bathroom, he knocked on the door, and I didn’t respond. Luckily there’s a lock on it. Maybe next time I won’t lock it. He tried opening it too. Then he left, came back and asked if somebody was in there. He never got a response. Not sure that’s annoying though, might be weird. Close enough.

I was about to walk home, that’s better then going to jail.

I’ll be getting lots of TV dinners tomorrow. I’d rather eat a crappy dinner then going over there. To many dogs too. And my sister and her two kids are there.

Chase android notifications don’t work

Just setup text messaging on my Chase account. Haven’t been getting android notifications for a long time. They use to work, android notifications are checked on their site. Hopefully text messages work.

Servo sort of works

Turns out you need the resources folder. The AUR package to compile servo, doesn’t keep the resources folder. So you’ll get an error, that makes perfect sense, seeing as the file exists nowhere.

Very slow, can’t render correctly. Maximizing it doesn’t make it re render the page. Looks like if you add –resolution 1024×768 sites look better. It has a long ways to go before it can compete with other modern web engines. Does render Google correctly, just no image. You might have to wait five or ten minutes, maybe then the image will show up.


Transformers Devastation

Looks like a fun game. I like the cartoon graphics. Maybe I’ll buy it when it comes out.

Williams Lectric Shave makes it easier to shave

Electric shaver glides over my face better if I use that. Shaver still doesn’t get the hair on the side of my neck. At least it doesn’t get stuck by the time I get to the other side of my face.

Aliens exist

Lots of evidence. And the US government covers everything related to UFOs up. Which provides further proof that aliens exist.

Want to go crazy?

Watch the Hangar 1 UFO show on the History channel. They have evidence and credible sources. Some of the evidence gets stolen, most likely from the US government.

Maybe one of those aliens will cure me of my insanity. The only reason the US government hasn’t taken down the show, is it would prove everything as true. If they don’t take it down, most people will dismiss it as horseshit. I don’t think I’d report a UFO to anyone, they won’t believe me anyways.

I should of been born in one of the alien worlds. They have better tech.

If I see a tiny UFO in my apartment, I’ll touch it, and lick it.

Who made Sling TV faster?

Woke my NVIDIA SHIELD up and opened Sling TV. Didn’t say loading or anything. Did they add more severs? It was slower earlier.

Maybe it isn’t faster. Did the thing it does kind of like when you are watching over the air. Why did they have to bring that feature to Internet TV?