80 bucks to renew Webroot

Better off searching Google and buying a new code. You don’t get a discount if you renew, you have to buy from a link on Google. And I don’t see any discounts on Google. It expires in 83 days.

$36.01 on Amazon.

Can I buy it every year on Amazon, or will they catch on?

Trend Micro is $30 on Amazon for five devices. Not a download though. And Trend Micro will slow your PC down according to a bad review on Amazon. Nod32 it is then. And nod32 only gets a good rating from pcmag.com. There’s a comment asking how it impacts system performance. Think I’ll just be cheap and stick with webroot.

PCMag.com gave Webroot a better rating then Nod32. I’ll buy it in November when it expires on Amazon of course.