9.5mm Universal SATA 2nd HDD Caddy SSD Hard Drive +Panel for DVD-ROM Optical Bay

Will that work in my Toshiba laptop? I’m far to lazy to measure anything. It’s $7.69 on eBay. Might get a SSD soon, would be nice to have the big/slow drive too. There’s also a 12.7mm one.

All laptops are 9.5mm or 12.7mm? A different one says it’s either 9.5mm or 12.7mm. I’m guessing it’s 9.5mm then.

Order both sizes, then see which one fits.

Ordered the 9.5mm one. If it’s to small, I’ll order the bigger one.

12.7mm is small too. Will a 9.5mm adapter fit? Just a little opening on the side of my laptop, no biggie, I’ll put some electrical tape over the hole. Will need really thin electrical tape though.