AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, New iPad Mini, iPhone (Black)

Works fine with my PC laptop. There’s a FN key where the control key usually is. There’s an option and command key, the keyboard is made for Apple stuff. Sweet turning caps lock on turns the caps lock light on my laptop’s keyboard on.

Keyboard might be slightly smaller then the Apple wireless keyboard, the one that takes three batteries. I’m to lazy to take a picture of them side by side.

The spacing isn’t the same as a full size keyboard, or the Apple wireless keyboard. Review said that. I don’t care, I’ll get use to it eventually. I’ll just be clicking backspace a lot at first.

Better then the Apple wireless keyboard, only uses two triple A batteries, instead of three double A batteries. Also cheaper. And smaller. But the Apple wireless keyboard looks better. If you are rich buy the Apple wireless keyboard. If you are cheap like me, buy the Amazon keyboard. If my Apple wireless keyboard stops working, I’ll gladly buy another Amazon keyboard. Yes I have three keyboards, that’s how many computers I have too.

You can buy the keyboard on Amazon.