Ancient brain surgery

Wouldn’t it make more sense to make medicine before brain surgery? The drawings on Ancient Aliens, looked like somebody was holding the patient down, while the other guy cut in their head. Maybe they weren’t doing brain surgery. I won’t get any kind of surgery, I don’t trust the medicine. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I could hear everything, I was knocked out for not very long, then I could hear everything, but I couldn’t open my eyes. Not even sure I could move my mouth. I don’t think I could do anything, not even punch them. So the whatever they gave me, partially works.

Just think if you were getting some other kind of surgery, wisdom teeth isn’t that bad. Maybe open heart surgery, and you’ll be fully aware of everything, you just can’t move or open your eyes. Maybe you’ll have a heart attack while they are doing the surgery.

Trepanning don’t think that’s what they were talking about. Could of been, in that case the TV lies. They cut the hole to let out the evil spirits. So they had no idea what they were doing. If you know nothing about what Ancient Aliens is talking about, you won’t get the full story. You’ll just become a conspiracy nut.

Might be better to get books on the subject and learn all the facts. But it’s far easier to watch TV. And if it’s boring enough I’ll fall a sleep.