Booting Ubuntu from USB on Toshiba laptop

Looks like it loaded. Let’s see if the wifi works, probably, it’s an atheros.

Yup wifi works. The touchpad might not freeze either.

Ubuntu 15.04 appears to be fully functional on the Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5102. Why is Ubuntu faster then Windows 10? Is it slow if I install it?

This drive is slow as fuck. Maybe I should get a 120 GB drive. Cheaper, but the drive in it is using around 40 GB. Might be more now. Nice Windows can’t even load now.

Fucking slow ass drive made me buy a SSD. Need to own a Crucial SSD anyways. Mad at Toshiba for putting a super slow drive in my laptop. So no OCZ. Crucial memory is good, let’s see how their SSDs are.