Costco has a wireless AC NETGEAR router for 130 bucks

According to Amazon, there’s no firmware updates for it. So no new features. But you can put DD-WRT on it. Only thirty dollars more then I paid for my TP-LINK. Don’t really need a new router. Don’t want a better signal, then somebody might try to hack into it. Don’t know who’s more reliable, NETGEAR or TP-LINK, my TP-LINK never needs to be rebooted. But my mom’s NETGEAR appears to never need to be rebooted either. If you want a better signal, go with NETGEAR.

The NETGEAR R7000 is almost 200 bucks, but only three antennas, I’d rather buy the OnHub from Google with 13 antennas. If I was spending 200 bucks. Does anyone make a router with worse of a signal then my TP-LINK Archer C7 v1? If so I might consider buying it. There should be a signal only in my living room, and not the apartment below in their living room. Will a tin foil hat for my router degrade the signal?

Oh and there’s a bonus with my TP-LINK Archer C7 v1, Apple devices don’t like the version one of my router. They might of tried fixing it in a firmware update. So if somebody with an Apple device wants on my wifi, I’ll laugh at them. To lazy to setup the guest network anyways. But even with the password, they shouldn’t be able to connect or stay connected.