Did somebody hack my other sites?

The database user is gone.

This database still has a user, so they haven’t deleted that one yet. Or my host isn’t reliable and did something. Move it to A Small Orange.

Don’t see anything in the logs on either site.

No idea what happened. panhandlersonline.com works now. Still trying to get vanvalkinburgh.gallery to work, it can’t connect to MySQL with the same password that works for panhandlersonline.com.

And both sites work. Might of needed to change the ‘ to a ” in the zenphoto config file. Maybe it’ll get hacked again when I’m in bed. No idea how they are hacking it, the logs don’t show anything.

Maybe somebody on the same server hacked it. Apparently they got access to my files, or the permissions are wrong. Or I offended my host and they deleted my database user.

If I wake up tomorrow and any of my sites are down, I’ll be asking for a refund for the invoice I just paid. And I’ll switch to A Small Orange.

Probably won’t switch hosts. It would take a long time to upload my backups. Or only upload this site.

That’s funny, hacked on shared hosting. Never had a VPS or a dedicated server hacked, and I know very little about securing a server. That’s why I switched to shared hosting.