Ended up getting a Toshiba at Best Buy

Couldn’t decide on the one at Office Depot. Went to Best Buy to see what they had. Mom didn’t think I should spend over 400 bucks. Got a AMD Toshiba for $304 after tax. It was a bundle. Looks like it only does 2.4 GHz wireless N, it’s looking good so far, it froze while trying to connect to something, didn’t realize I selected anything. I want to get to the desktop, so I can copy and paste the wifi password.

Don’t think it’s a 6th generation AMD laptop processor. Probably 5th generation. How hard is to swap the drive out? Might need an SSD. Only 4 GB of RAM, might need 8.

Slower then the Intel i3 at Best buy. That should be expected for AMD. Still no desktop. I want to get the Windows 10 upgrade started. Might need a SSD before next month.

I got sick of waiting, so I turned it off and back on. Let’s see if Windows is corrupted now. Can I get in the bios? Then I can install Ubuntu on it. That might work better.

The real question is, why the fuck do they still use hard drives this slow? So they can save a couple pennies? No way of knowing how good this laptop is with a shitty drive.