Good luck removing the back on the Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5102

I couldn’t get the back all the way off. The battery probably has to be removed somehow. Might be able to hold it up just enough to put more RAM in. No idea how to remove the hard drive, good thing I canceled the order with the SSD.

Found a video, only audio on my laptop. Let’s see if it works on desktop. Might be a Firefox problem. Flash is only enabled if I enable it, was on YouTube, which uses HTML5 if you have flash disabled.

Not the same laptop, it has a removable battery. How do you remove the non removable batteries? I had to enable flash to get the picture part working in Firefox.

The battery should slide out. Didn’t for me.

Looks like you have to take the screws out. I’ll probably lose them if I do what they did. Desk isn’t very big. Coffee table is full.

Maybe the battery came off the tracks when I tried removing the back cover before removing the battery. Or did I try removing the battery first? Can’t remember.

Some scratches from the screw driver on it. I don’t plan on selling my laptop, so I don’t care.

Might bring it to my mom’s when I get more RAM. She has a table I can use.

The battery comes right out after you take the screws out. Un tightening them isn’t enough. So it looks like it should be easy to replace the RAM.