How many people use the open guest network?

Around 3 Mbps down in my living room. Think I tried it in the bathroom last time, and it got around 11 Mbps. 3.66 Mbps is slower then what I pay for. But it’s free.

Just ran another test, 6.57 Mbps. 1.4 Mbps on my laptop, get 2.8 Mbps on my connection. I think it is reducing the power to the wifi card, because it isn’t plugged in. I got around 2 Mbps on from the open router. The west server could be overloaded.

6.5 Mbps on my connection after I plugged it in. Nice power saving features.

1.5 Mbps on the open network. Looks like lots of people are using it, or my laptop’s wifi sucks.