I have a 1 TB portable hard drive now

Got a Insignia™ – 2.5″ Serial ATA Hard Drive Enclosure at Best Buy today.

I learned my lesson about buying cheap enclosures on Amazon. When I bought one, the drive in the enclosure kept getting corrupted, then it started disconnecting constantly. So I’d rather pay 30 bucks for something that works, then 10 bucks for junk.

Looks like it’ll take an hour to copy my Steam folder to it.

Looks like I can copy from a USB 3.0 drive to another USB 3.0 drive now. I did install the old driver from 2011. Should of bought the Insignia USB 3.0 card at Best Buy. Don’t know how much it was though. But I buy Insignia everything.

Don’t think it took an hour. The drive is faster then I thought. Now let’s see if my laptop can play games. After I make a backup of the SSD though.