I will only buy online games for the PS4

The chat on online PC games is annoying. Lots of people that don’t know how to spell, or use a capital I, or even know how to spell you. There’s no text chat on PS4 games. That means if I get the Star Wars game, it’ll be the PS4 version. I have the voice crap disabled. That’s probably why I suck at most online games. To bad I can’t get The Elder Scrolls Online for 20 bucks for the PS4. I would of had to buy it before it came out for the PS4. Didn’t know that, I probably read something on engadget, that didn’t tell me all the details. Don’t really like that game anyways, Skyrim is better. I’ll probably keep playing Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, until I get a new game. But any future games I get for the PC will be single player, like Fallout 4.

And if there’s a text chat in the PS4 version of a game, I won’t be able to read it anyways, the text will be to small.