That might be a good alternative to Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2. Last time I tried playing Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, the servers were full, all bots, or empty. Do people play Insurgency? I found the name of the game on the Rising Storm 2 forum. It says it has partial controller support, so I might be able to play it on my TV. Just click Steam and then select the game and hope it works.

I’ll make an exception to buy online games if they work with a controller and are a Steam game, or compatible with the NVIDIA SHIELD. Can’t read the chat on my TV.

Might make an exception because it is only 15 bucks. Somebody on Google said, you’ll get “wrecked” if you play that game with a controller. Whatever that means.

I’m a sucker and bought it. I want the automatic weapons. If it has spray paint, I’m going to be pissed.

I’ll probably get kicked from that game. Ahh well I only wasted around 16 dollars. I disable the voice chat. You might need to hear them to stay a live longer. You get one life, some modes you can get reinforcements if you do something. So you might be dead a lot. It’ll be fun watching other people play. Also I think it only does 32 players on each server max, Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 can do 64.

Yup that was a stupid buy. Just watch one of the game play videos. I don’t want to hear children cuss. Does it have friendly fire? If I get kicked, I’ll re join and TK everyone, hey look the other team won. That’ll be my enjoyment, getting banned from every Insurgency server. Well worth 16 dollars.

Might not get kicked for turning the voice chat off, I don’t get kicked from Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2.

Apparently you won’t get kicked for turning the voice off. But they will get mad at you if you run out in front of an enemy. Yes I am blind. Maybe just sit in one spot the whole game, and see how they like that. They will probably kick you for sitting in one place, and for running out in front of them. Having to hold ctrl down to stay crouched sucks. It won’t let me make the toggle crouch ctrl. Guess you have to change the other crouch key first.

That’s why you should play on my TV. Can’t read the chat if I do that. But to get the controller working, you have to open the console and type something.

What I should do next time is say “Fuck you too.”. Might get kicked, but I don’t care. Hell ban me, I only wasted 16 bucks.

Game runs better then Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, but that’s expected for a source based game.