Is lifting weights easier then push ups?

Can’t do push ups. Tried doing one some days or weeks ago, there was no way I can do it. Might hurt my wrist having them like that.

Mom might join the Y. I’ll try lifting weights, if it’s harder then I remember, I won’t keep doing it. I did it in high school and it was easy, easier then exercise bikes. But the exercise bikes they had were easy too. My exercise bike isn’t easy, I thought it hurt my butt, but that isn’t the case, whatever muscles it uses hurts. I might be able to do my exercise bike for ten minutes. That’s the longest I can do it. I can ride a regular bike somewhat easier.

Will lifting weights reduce the chance of getting diabetes? I should get to 160 pounds or less first, and then lift weights. Make my upper body huge, and my lower body skinny. Then walk around in my birthday suit.