Jason lost his mind

Apparently he tried breaking into my mom’s house last night. Sister will be somewhere else, he might just drive by now. Mom thinks he’s been drinking, so he might get pulled over, and a DUI.

My sister filed the papers, so if he takes the kids, he’ll be kidnapping. Mom didn’t think they served him yet, because he hasn’t showed up at her house yet.

Oh and my sister didn’t have to say a word why she was leaving him. Apparently he isn’t acting rational, I say apparently, because I have no idea what rational is.

Oh yeah I shouldn’t be hosting his site anymore? Almost nobody goes to it. Could put a message on it saying he lost his mind. Maybe his parents will see it. And call him up, and ask him what the fuck he is doing.

Sister has control of his domain, she could just delete the nameservers. I prefer to do absolutely nothing.

Guess my sister was sick of being treated like a second class person.