Looks like I’ll have to backup the old drive to my desktop

Then copy the backup to the HD that lives in my HD dock. I need to download Macrium free too, Todo Backup won’t boot on laptop.

Macrium won’t work, it would if I didn’t put Todo Backup on the thumb drive. If I make a Windows Pe USB drive from my desktop, it won’t have the drivers for my laptop.

Clonezilla it is then.

Clonezilla doesn’t show my the drive in the dock. Said it couldn’t enable the USB port.

Ubuntu it is, gparted should work.

Nope linux doesn’t support my USB 3.0. Says it can’t enable the port and the cable might be bad. Tried two cables.

Macrium is my last option, if it doesn’t boot, or support the USB 3.0, I’ll have to remove the drive from the laptop.

Instead of removing the new drive, I could install Windows 7, and make a Macrium USB drive on the laptop itself.

Nice USB 3.0 on my desktop, my games and the old laptop drive don’t show up anymore. Macrium didn’t finish. Looks like I need a new USB 3.0 card for desktop, that sucks.