Might need a mouse for my laptop

The touchpad doesn’t work for some seconds after typing. Sometimes it does. Maybe the slow ass drive is getting taxed.

I have two bluetooth mouses, I could use the magic mouse with hackintosh and use the HP with my laptop. But I’d have to buy another USB bluetooth adapter. Laptop doesn’t have bluetooth. They managed to add a SD card reader though. Super slow to copy images from SD card to the network share, around 2 mb/s. Not sure what kind of ethernet it has, but 100 mb would be faster then 2 mb/s. I have a USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter somewhere.

Toshiba monitor on laptop is crap for pictures anyways. Or maybe it’s just to bright.

Going to see the exact type of touchpad it has, and look for a newer driver. Maybe the one Toshiba provides is crap.

Says the driver is from 6/23/15, might be the newest.

Says to download from your system manufacture.

Why is the does version have a release date of July 28th but version has a release date of July 23rd? I have the version from the 23rd, so I’ll downgrade. Funny the list on the July 28th version says the newer one was released on the 29th. But once you click it, it says the 23rd.

And it might be fixed. I’ll be sure to never upgrade the touchpad driver.

Might have something to do with the palm tracking setting. Nope just did it again. Might need to buy a replacement touchpad on eBay.

Yup it’s an old version, checked in device manager. Downloading the new driver now. That I had before. I’ll lookup if a slow drive can make the touchpad freeze.