NVIDIA SHIELD audio sync setting doesn’t appear to do anything

At least not for Sling TV. The lips in Sling TV are out of sync or something. I didn’t try the max audio sync setting though. Maybe the SHIELD isn’t supported by Sling TV, so it’s out of sync. Sometimes the video goes super slow, like you’d get in a game if the FPS was low. I gave my Fire TV away, so I don’t know if it’s any better. Don’t think the PS4 does Sling TV. Ahh well, I’ll just watch it with the lips out of sync.

Might only work if you plug the NVIDIA SHIELD into a receiver. I have a soundbar without HDMI, so it’s plugged into the TV, my TV has optical out.

Don’t think the audio delay thing on my soundbar does anything. No lights blink or anything on the soundbar when you click it. Can’t remember how messed up it was before I clicked two hundred times.