Ancient brain surgery

Wouldn’t it make more sense to make medicine before brain surgery? The drawings on Ancient Aliens, looked like somebody was holding the patient down, while the other guy cut in their head. Maybe they weren’t doing brain surgery. I won’t get any kind of surgery, I don’t trust the medicine. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I could hear everything, I was knocked out for not very long, then I could hear everything, but I couldn’t open my eyes. Not even sure I could move my mouth. I don’t think I could do anything, not even punch them. So the whatever they gave me, partially works.

Just think if you were getting some other kind of surgery, wisdom teeth isn’t that bad. Maybe open heart surgery, and you’ll be fully aware of everything, you just can’t move or open your eyes. Maybe you’ll have a heart attack while they are doing the surgery.

Trepanning don’t think that’s what they were talking about. Could of been, in that case the TV lies. They cut the hole to let out the evil spirits. So they had no idea what they were doing. If you know nothing about what Ancient Aliens is talking about, you won’t get the full story. You’ll just become a conspiracy nut.

Might be better to get books on the subject and learn all the facts. But it’s far easier to watch TV. And if it’s boring enough I’ll fall a sleep.

Can I get 200 bucks for my LG G3?

The new Moto X Pure Edition comes out in September, I think on the 1st. If I can get 200 bucks for my LG G3, I can buy the Moto X Pure Edition. But I’m not selling it on eBay, I’m not a fan of their fees. Could use craigslist, but I’m not a fan of meeting strangers. So I think I’ll do nothing. Maybe not pay my rent, and get evicted, and be homeless.

Only people think?

Somebody on Ancient Aliens said that. So dogs don’t think? How is it possible for them to get worried that you are going to leave them somewhere if they don’t think?

The big bang theory is better then the alien theory. But who made the stuff that made the big bang happen? And then who made that? The question can go on forever. Somebody had to create god too.

Kind of odd that ancient people were doing brain surgery. There’s also a drawing on a stone or something, that shows two surgeons connecting blood vessels to a heart. But if they did a heart transplant, why wasn’t how to do it written down? Strange drawing. They have proof they were doing brain surgery, they found skulls with holes in them.

Why would I want to go anywhere by myself?

I mostly only go to the required places, like a grocery store.

And I never went to appointments by myself when I was younger. She is thinking about somebody else. I only took the bus by myself once.

How many people use the open guest network?

Around 3 Mbps down in my living room. Think I tried it in the bathroom last time, and it got around 11 Mbps. 3.66 Mbps is slower then what I pay for. But it’s free.

Just ran another test, 6.57 Mbps. 1.4 Mbps on my laptop, get 2.8 Mbps on my connection. I think it is reducing the power to the wifi card, because it isn’t plugged in. I got around 2 Mbps on from the open router. The west server could be overloaded.

6.5 Mbps on my connection after I plugged it in. Nice power saving features.

1.5 Mbps on the open network. Looks like lots of people are using it, or my laptop’s wifi sucks.

Need to switch to a free blog

No people view this blog, no need to spend 7 bucks a month on it. Only 7 page views according to Google adsense. Either everyone is using an ad blocker, or they are all bots. Either way, not worth 7 bucks a month. Can I import into I’ll probably just delete I have a backup of it if I ever want it back. costs 13 bucks per year for a custom domain. Not sure I can afford 13 bucks a year. This hosting is already paid for until October. Better, don’t pay to use a custom domain, redirect to You can’t put ads on your blog. No worries, nobody sees the ads anyways.

How big is this blog? I could just switch back to A Small Orange. 5 bucks a month for 5 GB of space. Don’t care about

Is lifting weights easier then push ups?

Can’t do push ups. Tried doing one some days or weeks ago, there was no way I can do it. Might hurt my wrist having them like that.

Mom might join the Y. I’ll try lifting weights, if it’s harder then I remember, I won’t keep doing it. I did it in high school and it was easy, easier then exercise bikes. But the exercise bikes they had were easy too. My exercise bike isn’t easy, I thought it hurt my butt, but that isn’t the case, whatever muscles it uses hurts. I might be able to do my exercise bike for ten minutes. That’s the longest I can do it. I can ride a regular bike somewhat easier.

Will lifting weights reduce the chance of getting diabetes? I should get to 160 pounds or less first, and then lift weights. Make my upper body huge, and my lower body skinny. Then walk around in my birthday suit.

You don’t need a DVR with Sling TV

Not if you only watch the History channel. You can watch the shows you missed, just not the ones that haven’t been on yet. Don’t know how many days you can go back. The best way is to watch the History channel the entire time you are awake. You can’t fast forward the commercials though, the only way you can do that, is if you pause a live show, and then unpause it after 10+ minutes. But once the show isn’t live anymore, you can’t skip the commercials anymore.

Free internet might not be worth it

The people who own the open guest network, might password protect it, or stop offering it all together. Streaming TV uses a lot of bandwidth. They might just block your mac address, then you’d have to change your mac address. If they block you and you reconnect, they will most likely put a password on it. Should get a VPN though. Use it on my phone.