Phil is lucky

If you didn’t know already, apparently my older sister is leaving her husband.

Tonka doesn’t appear to care about Phil, they weren’t in the same room, but she saw him through the baby gate. I think she was looking at me, wanting to go home. She was more worried about going home then Phil.

Mom had to yell at the baby to get her to get off of Phil, apparently he was growling at her for being on him. I didn’t hear him growling. There was some growling when he came in and the other dogs got in the hallway. Not sure who all was growling. She blocked the other dogs in the kitchen, so they couldn’t just stand by the baby gate. Once Phil calms down, he doesn’t growl or freak out.

When my mom brought him in, he wanted me to pet him. He knows me better then my mom, when I went to their house, I would pet and talk to Phil. He was leaning up against and then laying on my feet. Meiko does that too. After a while he finally calmed down. He’s not exactly happy when my sister isn’t there. Hopefully she takes Phil when she moves out, he won’t be happy if she doesn’t, and my mom doesn’t want another dog.

I’m not sure Phil being at my mom’s will work. As the kids will open the baby gate and not close it. We don’t know for sure Tonka won’t do anything, it’s different when they are in the same room. She did try to attack the cat, not the one that has lived there for a long time, she growled at her once though. Maybe she just doesn’t like cats. But in my mom’s car, she starts barking her head off when she sees other dogs walking down the street.

She should find somebody else to watch Phil, either somebody with a small dog, or no dogs. I don’t trust Tonka. I don’t trust Meiko either. But apparently they have been leaving Phil with him. I wouldn’t do that. Phil is younger then Meiko, so if they got in a fight, Phil would most likely win. Unless Meiko was fast and goes for his neck before he does anything. Might of been five years since he tried going for Phil’s neck when we were trying to walk them together. I still don’t trust him.