PNY is cheap

70 bucks for a old 240 GB SSD model. They are like Kingston and send out faster drives to benchmark sites, and then ship slower drives to customers. Crucial is cheaper then Transcend. By a whooping five dollars.

Sandisk might still be under warranty. But then I’d have to wait for a replacement.

I have enough money to buy Crucial or Transcend. Just can’t decide which brand. The Transcend has a slightly better write speed then the Crucial. But Crucial might last longer.

Bought Transcend, I know it’s a fast drive. Wish I bought two of them when it was on sale. Should have enough money left for toilet paper.

Maybe I’ll wipe the Sandisk and see if I can get a replacement. Then put the replacement in my hackintosh. But I’m lazy, so I probably won’t do a damn thing.

Could cancel it and get five dollars off on Best Buy. But Best Buy doesn’t sell Transcend SSDs, would probably have to get Samsung. I have a five dollar reward certificate. All the Crucial ones are marketplace, you can’t use a reward certificate on those. Don’t want to wait until the 28th, or whatever the free shipping date was.

Sandisk’s replacement form looks like a pain. Have to remove the drive and take pictures of it. So I’d have to use my laptop to do it, since Windows is installed on the SSD. Don’t buy a Sandisk SSD for your primary drive.

Samsung might be better then Transcend, same price.