Reinstalled Windows 10 on my sister’s laptop

The first thing it did when installing was asked for a product key. Clicked skip, it installed, and the first screen it showed after it was done, said it was time to enter a product key. I told her to click do this later, and connect to the wifi, then login to her MS account. Maybe the laptop is registered on Microsoft’s server. So it’ll get the product key itself. Otherwise she’ll have to see if the Windows 8 product key will work.

I deleted all the partitions on the drive and installed Windows 10, so she can’t reinstall Windows 8. Laptop didn’t come with a disk.

I had to reinstall because it kept getting a blue screen of death. It got one when I rebooted it, I was trying to enter the bios to boot from my thumb drive. Didn’t have to go into the bios, it said there was a problem with windows, clicked advance repair, and told it to boot from USB. Pretty sure the blue screen was something to do with Windows 10, it probably didn’t upgrade correctly, or something was installed that was causing it. She had no blue screens before upgrading to Windows 10.