Report: Kaspersky developed malware to trip up competition

That’s good to know. I won’t be renewing my Kaspersky anti virus on my laptop. I’ll switch to something else. Maybe webroot, you can get five licenses for cheap. I don’t use AVG, it has false positives on my desktop, probably because of Kaspersky. It might be one of the best anti virus programs, but creating malware makes it the worse. Trend Micro is good too, didn’t slow my computer down when I used it in the past. Nod32 is supposed to be good, never used it though. And that’ll cost 100 bucks for 5 devices. I have three devices, and my mom has two. That’s a total of five. Or put AVG on my mom’s computers. Then I can use whatever I want, it’ll cost about the same for any of them.