Samsung SSD came

Looks like USB 3.0 is slower then SATA 3, well it is by 1 GB. Didn’t need to run a benchmark, thought it would get good scores if I wasn’t booted from it yet.

Once the benchmark is done, I’ll clone my old drive to it.

It might be the skinniest SSD I have.

Maybe I need a different USB 3.0 HD dock. Or my USB 3.0 PCI express card sucks, or has to much stuff plugged into it.

Looks like the Samsung SSD is faster then the Sandisk it replaced. Chrome was messed up, it was open while cloning. Should of opened VMware Player and ran Chrome in that. Different drive.

All SSDs are skinny, I just forgot.

That would explain the good reviews. Probably faster then my Transcend SSD too.

Now I need two 1 TB Samsung SSDs. One for my /home drive, and another for my games drive. Only using 196 GB on my current games drive though, could get a 500 GB one. /home drive is on two 500 GB drives in a RAID 1.