Sister’s husband is acting crazy

Don’t think my sister will be going back to him. She had to leave work today. Thanks to him. Grandma said he is trying to control her. Or did my mom say that? Can’t remember who said that.

Sounds like she should of left him sooner. If he shows up at my mom’s, he might get the cops called on him, depending on what he’s doing, and if he leaves on his own or not.

The kids don’t need to see him there. They will get upset, if he goes over there acting all crazy.

Why would somebody pay for a lawyer for somebody without knowing the reason for them leaving the other person?

Not surprising, most people will do something if you leave with their kids. Personally I won’t ever get married or have kids.

If you really want to piss him off, post a “news” article on his site about it. One of his friends might do a denial of service attack though. Then I’ll get suspended for disrupting everyone else’s service. Don’t really want to piss him off anyways, he’s already pissed off.

He’s still acting “crazy”? Not sure I’d consider it crazy, more like angry.