Steam controller should work with the NVIDIA SHIELD

That is if your computer is in the same room. Pretty sure I can play the game on my computer while it’s streaming to my TV, it shows the game on my monitor too. Just connect the Steam Controller to your computer. You’ll have to use the NVIDIA SHIELD controller to start the game, but then you can switch to the Steam Controller. Maybe I should pre order it.

Makes you wonder why I bought the NVIDIA SHIELD, I could just run an HDMI cable from my desktop to the TV. I have a long HDMI cable too. And I have an Xbox 360 controller and a wireless USB thing for it.

Maybe I’ll pre order it on November 9th, that way I can get it on the release date of November 10th. Wait, you might need to pre order sooner to get it on the 10th. Oh well, I’ll get it after the 10th then.