There should be no requirements

To get the $9.95 Internet Essentials package. Everyone should get 10 Mbps internet for ten bucks a month. You can in other countries. Just not in America.

Takes them a long time to get the requirements.

You have to have a kid, just like I thought. They don’t want to answer my question.

Should cancel it. Have no internet.

Yeah I’m not paying for cable TV. Why does 6 Mbps cost 50 bucks a month in the US?

As a loyal customer, our Customer Solutions Department can assist you in checking the eligibility of your account for the exclusive offers. Please call us at 1-888-931-1379 to know what you can get. Monday – Saturday 7AM to 9PM (EST)

I might call that number to cancel it.

I should of saved the chat. It’s a privilege to get internet for ten bucks a month. I think I can get a phone line for ten bucks a month, dialup will be another ten bucks, that’s 20 bucks a month.