Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5102 can play games

A little laggy, but you can play it. I only tried playing Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, make sure you plug the laptop in, or change the power mode to performance. Otherwise it’ll lag even more.

Also it gets really hot, I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your lap.

Borderlands 2 probably works better. But I prefer playing games on my desktop, bigger/better screen. And I can play Borderlands 2 on my TV using my NVIDIA SHIELD.

I could stream the game from my desktop. Don’t know how well Steam streaming works.

Oh yeah make sure you change the game to the lowest settings.

You can probably play WoW on it, on the lowest settings. WoW can’t be that demanding, it’s super old, and doesn’t look very good. I don’t play WoW so I can’t say for sure if it works. I don’t even play The Elder Scrolls Online, I could, but I don’t. Apparently I like single player role playing games better. But I haven’t played Skyrim in a long time either, need to start that over.