TP-LINK Archer C9 or OnHub?

The C9 is cheaper and has nothing to do with Google. Buying the OnHub could give Google and others a backdoor to your network. And the C9 is cheaper. Does it have a crappy signal like the C7 v1? If so it might be a nice upgrade.

But I should just keep my current router, until it dies from dust. I’ll be sure not to dust it off. Maybe it’ll die faster that way.

Got to buy a new hard drive for my PS4. It makes a clicking sound when I turn it on, I assume it’s the hard drive.

HGST Travelstar 7K1000 2.5-Inch 1TB 7200 RPM SATA III 32MB Cache Internal Hard Drive 0J22423 is the only 1 TB 7200 RPM 2.5 drive I could find. Well there might be more, but they cost more then that one. HGST is owned by Western Digital now. I think the PS4 comes with a smaller drive made by them.

Good idea, join the TP-LINK religion, and only buy TP-LINK. Oh and to the reviewer that says the links they find don’t work, it’s cause the US site is on a different domain. Try, I couldn’t find my router on Use to be on .com, but it’s on .us now.