Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x8889000A)

Windows broke itself, no sound. Get that error in foobar2000. I’ll try rebooting.

Rebooted, sound works, but VMware Player doesn’t work.

Unable to open kernel device “\\.\Global\vmx86”: The system cannot find the file specified. Did you reboot after installing VMware Player?

Failed to initialize monitor device.

Maybe my Sandisk SSD is corrupted. I thought that might of been happening when I kept trying to make a Todo Backup thumb drive. Guess I need to replace it with a Transcend.

Reinstalling fixed it. Will probably order another Transcend SSD next month, to replace my Sandisk. I don’t trust the Sandisk anymore. Rebooting shouldn’t kill VMware Player. Was going to order a 500 GB SSD for my PS4, might not be able to now.