What USB 3.0 card allows you to copy from a USB 3.0 drive to another USB 3.0 drive?

Apparently if I copy from one USB 3.0 drive to another, both will disappear until I reboot. Need a non via chipset USB 3.0 card. It’s good for one thing at a time, but that’s it. Backing up my old laptop drive to my SSD this time. Luckily I’m only using around 50 GB on the old laptop drive.

Not seeing any good USB 3.0 cards on Amazon. Got to spend more then 20 bucks, otherwise it will probably suck. Oh well, only need to use one drive at a time anyways. Maybe my next computer will have onboard USB 3.0 that works. I suppose the onboard USB 3.0 might work in Windows. It did the disconnecting thing in linux. To lazy to try it.

Don’t think it did that in Windows 7. Probably need to update the driver. Syba’s site doesn’t have a new driver. Maybe Windows 10 isn’t using the old driver. Yup it’s using a driver by Microsoft.