What's a good VPN service?

There’s an open guest network under me. It gets almost 12 Mbps for the download speed. Around 3 Mbps for upload. Only problem is lots of people probably use it during the day. So watching Sling TV could be even worse then my 6 Mbps during the day.

But I have another router, DD-WRT might be on it too. Could connect it to the guest network, then setup a VPN, then connect it to my other routers WAN port.

How much data does NordVPN give you? Found it on pcmag.com. You can get 70% off if you use the coupon 70off. That’s around 30 bucks for a year.

Might be no bandwidth limit. Not sure I want to pay 36 bucks for a year, it might be super slow.

Maybe I’ll cancel Comcast tomorrow, and sign up for a month of NordVPN. I’ll just pay 8 bucks a month, that’s less then Comcast.