A Small Orange

Switched back to A Small Orange. Waiting for them to make me a referral ID. Their site says my password is wrong every time I try to make an ID. That was the reason for switching. You get free credits towards future invoices, if people sign up with your link. 2 dollars cheaper then BUYSHARED. But not as much space or bandwidth. I don’t trust BUYSHARED anyways, my database user got deleted somehow. If I get enough credits, I can upgrade my hosting. Don’t really need to though. Site uses under 10 GB of bandwidth, under 1 GB of space.

I moved vanvalkinburgh.gallery to Flickr, it should redirect to Flickr. Not for me in Windows, I think it does in my virtual machine, Windows is retarded and holds on to the old DNS info. I cleared the DNS cache multiple times last night. Probably have to reboot to fix that.

Looks like their affiliates department is very slow at responding. Maybe they are gone for the day.

Oh yeah they support Ruby on Rails.

Still no email from A Small Orange, I guess the affiliate department went home already. They don’t care to fix their site, and they don’t care to email me. Is there a host like A Small Orange that has a working site?