A Small Orange's site is buggy

To order hosting, I had to go to the customer section, login, and then click order service. If you click the order link on their main site, and then click login, when you try to place the order, it’ll tell you your session expired or something.

If you try to make a referral ID, you’ll get an error that says your password is wrong. Same password I used to login.

Then when you email support, it’ll get transferred to the affiliate department, who won’t respond very quickly. You’ll get an email asking you what you want the ID to be, after you tell them, you’ll be waiting hours for a reply. I probably won’t get a response until tomorrow. Don’t signup for A Small Orange for their referral program. You’ll be disappointed when you find their site doesn’t work. You might be able to set an ID if you are a new customer.

Update Still no reply.