Dying might not be that bad

We might have two souls. One that makes us who we are, and the other makes our body move and stuff.

Zombies might be real, if they bring your body back to life, but not the greater soul(the one that makes you who you are). The lesser soul stays in your body apparently.

Now how the fuck do I leave my body? Then my body will be a zombie. I’ll go where ever dead people are. Should find Buddy there. You know why they can’t find Jesus’s body? He left.

Oh and birthmarks could possibly be caused by a traumatic event in a previous life. Some people remember stuff about the after life. But the birthmarks are in the same spot a different person got shot or something. I have no birthmarks, so that means I might of had no previous life.

Sounds like you get a body in the after life, that means I’ll be butt naked, running around in a circle, until Jesus chases me down.

Notice the title says might. The government isn’t telling everyone everything they do, so who knows what’s true and what isn’t.