Faster internet is nice

Uploaded all the pictures on to Flickr last night, thought it was going to take all night. It finished before I fell a sleep.

Fast forwarding on Sling TV works better now too. Probably cuts out less too.

Chase text alerts are useless

They only alert you now after something posts. So instead of getting an alert right after using your card, you don’t get one. So sometime in the future I’ll get a notification from paying my internet bill. I’ll forget what it is by then, and think somebody stole my account info. Good job chase, at making your shitty service even more shitty.

I should switch my bank, the better ones might not have a mobile app though. They have a mobile site, good enough.

Got a text right away, after deleting my mobile number from Chase. Text said I won’t get any notifications on my number anymore.

Think I’ll pass

Think I’ll skip my sister’s son’s birthday party. Pizza and cake might be good, but the humiliation not so much.

Maybe I’ll skip all family events, including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

You can send cPanel backups to another FTP server

Don’t cancel your current hosting right away. Sign up with the new host, enter your FTP details on your old host. No having to download and upload the backup. Only problem is, I have a ton of backups that are using a lot of space. The shared hosting on A Small Orange wouldn’t have enough space. At least not the plan I’d get.

WARNING: You cannot restore full backups through the system’s interface.

So you’d have to ask your host to restore the backup. Pain in the ass.

I’ll keep my current host until they delete my database user again. I might email them if it gets deleted again. Maybe somebody else on the server is doing it, that shouldn’t be able to.

Internet speed isn’t why Sling TV cuts out

Does the same thing over the air TV does. Did it with the 6 Mbps plan from Comcast, and does it with the 25 Mbps plan. Sling TV needs to add more capacity. Maybe Comcast is throttling it, because it competes with their shitty TV service.

Comcast increased my speed

Took an hour or so nap. Got up, checked the modem page, and it finally rebooted. Did a speed test, get over 25 Mbps download, and around 6 Mbps for my upload.

I can switch my host now if I want to. Assuming I can upload without having to limit my upload speed. I can upload almost as fast as my internet was before. Had to limit my upload before because it would make the internet unusable. You’d only be able to upload and not do anything else on the internet.

Only 26.3 Mbps on, think it was 28 on

The bill probably won’t be updated until the next bill. So I’ll owe more then $61.95 next month.

Sling TV PC app doesn’t work anymore

Says the content is unavailable in my location. Doesn’t say that on my NVIDIA SHIELD.

It won’t open now, says location can’t be determined. I think I turned off the ability for apps to get my location.

It opens now, but still says the content is unavailable in my location. No GPS, so I don’t know what location it’s getting. Wherever it thinks my IP is I guess. Good idea, add location crap to the PC app that won’t give you an exact address.

Sling TV is still lying

Says Searching for Aliens is on. Not true, Modern Marvels is on. I prefer shows about aliens. I wonder what’s on the regular History channel, don’t think it was lying yesterday, so probably isn’t lying today.