Maybe I upgraded to the same plan

They’ll just charge me more for it. I might find out in 24 hours. If the speed isn’t increased, I’ll “upgrade” to the 3 Mbps plan.

Inspection soon

I think housing will be inspecting my apartment this month. Mom might help me clean it before they come. I think last year they put a piece of paper on my door with the day and time they are inspecting it.

What happens if I upgrade to 25 Mbps on Comcast’s site?

Without talking to anybody? When I was talking to them, they were going to charge me the 50 Mbps price for 25 Mbps. They lowered my speed to 50 Mbps.

Probably shouldn’t give them anymore money. But 6 Mbps internet sucks. Comcast is the only internet provider where I live. Unless I want dialup or slower DSL for the same price.

How long till my speed is increased? Internet didn’t go out yet. Haha they might call me, the number isn’t mine, my mom’s old number.

Looks like it’s faster to upgrade by calling them or the live chat. Last time I used the live chat, they said I had to call them to get deals. But the time before that, they downgraded my internet in the live chat, and offered me a bundle I didn’t want.

Probably get a call saying it isn’t available in my area for that price.

Now you know what happens, absolutely nothing. Should I pay my bill? Modem should reboot if they increase my speed.

They claim it takes 24 hours.

John: We have an ongoing promotion what will last after 1 hour for $59.99 with Performance internet with free cable box 10 digital channel and HBO Premium channel.

It’s not really a free cable box. It’ll end up being more then $61.95 or whatever the Performance 25 plan is after tax.

John: It will only be 10 local channels with free HBO premium channel.

I’ll pass. I get those channels already and more with Sling TV. Don’t care about HBO. Don’t want their cable box. I’m sure they’ll charge you a fee for the cable box, they lie in their chat.