Olympus 25mm f1.8 Interchangeable Lens

Three hundred bucks for that lens. I like the aperture of f1.8. You can buy it on Amazon for $300. Can’t post this on panhandlersonline.com, host is still sleeping.

I could also get the E-PL6 for 300 bucks. I’m satisfied with the lenses and camera I have. I don’t even use my lens at f2.8. Grandpa said two stops less produces sharper pictures. All I needed to do was figure out how to change the focus size on my camera. That kind of fixed my pictures.

Don't use Ruby on Rails on A Small Orange

Unless you get one of their non managed VPSes. If you get managed, you’ll be waiting for them to run “bundle install”, every time you add a gem to your app. They have it configured so you need sudo access to install gems. I don’t need sudo access on my Intel NUC running Ubuntu. Apparently they would rather you not be able to do it yourself. That way you can be pissed as you wait for their pathetic support to run the command for you.

If my site actually made a hundred bucks a month, I’d be even more pissed. I’d have the money to switch right away though. A Small Orange doesn’t care about their customers.

Thanks A Small Orange

Thanks to how long it takes you to respond to support tickets, my site is now down. I can’t do shit, because I have no sudo access. Should switch once it expires. HostUS is supposed to be good. They respond to sale questions faster then A Small Orange responds to support tickets. Guess I could edit the gemfile so the new gem isn’t in it. But then when support runs “bundle install” it won’t install the gem I want. I should be able to develop my site whenever the fuck I want, without having to wait a day or longer for you to run a command. If you can’t run commands for managed hosting, stop offering managed hosting. I’m not paying for priority support, that probably wouldn’t work anyways.

So enjoy the downtime thanks to A Small Orange, use to be the best host you could get, not anymore, complete shit now.

I took one of their surveys about an old ticket. I gave them a 0 for how likely I would recommend them. I doubt they will care. I’ll be downloading a backup next month, and signing up with HostUS. I will get root access, so I can run “bundle install” whenever the fuck I want.

The time it’ll take them to respond, I could write a cPanel plugin to run bundle install for me. Won’t do any good on my hosting though, it would take days for them to respond saying they don’t install third party plugins.

Can't post on panhandlersonline.com

Not until my host runs “bundle install”. I could manually post using the rails console. To much work. I added tinymce for the post and edit pages. Looks like you don’t have to restart for view changes. If I restart it, the whole site will be down.

Update Nope can’t even run rails console until they run that command. As you know, my host has slow support. It’ll be tomorrow, or next week before they respond.

A Small Orange Clementine Managed Hosting

Very bad service. You have to wait hours for them to run a simple command “bundle install”. I have no sudo access, so I can’t do it. And on top of it, my email forwarders don’t work. They haven’t bothered replying to that either. Doubt they would give me a refund. Should of signed up with HostUS. They give you root access on their managed hosting.

Panhandlersonline.com will be dead until my host runs “bundle install”. Nothing I can do other then wait. I could cancel it. Would be wise to back it up before doing that.

Why don't I like PHP?

No idea. Maybe because I never read a book on it that explains it. I like Ruby on Rails better, it’s easier. I’ll probably forget everything about PHP, then if I look at a PHP file, it’ll look like Chinese.

Did I almost teach myself Ruby on Rails?

Well more like the book I bought taught me. Might actually be able to remake my blog in Ruby on Rails. Not sure about this blog, but panhandlersonline.com. My hosting works with Ruby on Rails now, so I just have to finish learning it now.

I might ask for a Python book for Christmas. Or maybe some other web development. If you somewhat know PHP, Ruby on Rails will be easy. I should go to school for web development, it would probably be easy.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (3rd Edition)

Must be a good book, if I’m already on chapter 5. I did two chapters today. So it’ll take six days if there’s twelve chapters. I think there’s twelve chapters.

You can buy it on Amazon. Or their site, but that’ll cost more.

I lied, you can read the whole book for free on their site. I still like my hard copy that I paid around 30 bucks for. Though copy and pasting code is even easier! Then I can learn nothing. Brilliant.