Thanks A Small Orange

Thanks to how long it takes you to respond to support tickets, my site is now down. I can’t do shit, because I have no sudo access. Should switch once it expires. HostUS is supposed to be good. They respond to sale questions faster then A Small Orange responds to support tickets. Guess I could edit the gemfile so the new gem isn’t in it. But then when support runs “bundle install” it won’t install the gem I want. I should be able to develop my site whenever the fuck I want, without having to wait a day or longer for you to run a command. If you can’t run commands for managed hosting, stop offering managed hosting. I’m not paying for priority support, that probably wouldn’t work anyways.

So enjoy the downtime thanks to A Small Orange, use to be the best host you could get, not anymore, complete shit now.

I took one of their surveys about an old ticket. I gave them a 0 for how likely I would recommend them. I doubt they will care. I’ll be downloading a backup next month, and signing up with HostUS. I will get root access, so I can run “bundle install” whenever the fuck I want.

The time it’ll take them to respond, I could write a cPanel plugin to run bundle install for me. Won’t do any good on my hosting though, it would take days for them to respond saying they don’t install third party plugins.